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“Supervision is the joint endeavour in which a practitioner, with the help of a supervisor attends to their clients, themselves as part of their client-practitioner relationships and the wider systemic and ecological contexts, and by doing so improves the quality of their work, transforms their client relationships, continuously develops themselves, their practice and the wider profession” 

                                                             Hawkins & McMahon




I offer a supportive and focussed counselling supervision relationship. 

My intention is to provide a spacious place to both ground yourself and expand yourself in your practice. I really enjoy the mutual collaboration of supervision and just like with clients, deeply believe in the potentiality and process of this work. This includes welcoming all parts of you, all modalities and stages of training/practice. 

I offer a free 50 minute initial meeting to help us decide if we are a good fit to work together. Thereafter, fees are £55 per one hour.

Get in touch and we can discuss possibilities together. 

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